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ideasIf you have an idea, concept device or even a mature product that you feel could enhance patient care and provide a solution to address unmet need within wound prevention and treatment we are keen to hear from you.

If the idea is suitable, we can assist you in project development, seeking financial support and securing IP. Through our strategic partners we can work with you and support you through the development and adoption cycle.

Your details will be logged and we will evaluate your suggestion, trying to map it to unmet need in areas of wound care within the NHS. A member of the team will then contact you and discuss your ideas further.

Although not a specific role of the HTC we may also be able to assist and help evaluate products further down the innovation cycle through our contacts with industry and NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI).

Warning: before filling out the form please read our guide to IP protection and do not divulge any confidential information (unless you have already filed a patent).
If you do wish to divulge confidential information or are not sure whether the information is confidential please download our non-disclosure form, sign it and send it to: 

WoundTec HTC
Bradford Royal Infirmary
Duckworth Lane
West Yorkshire

If you require a non-disclosure form, you can download one here - Non-disclosure form.

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